My Wand – Blue Light (Acne)


My Wand – Blue Light

We know how much acne can affect your life and your self-confidence. My Wand attacks the acne - not just on the surface, but targeting the underlying bacteria.
Acne is most common in adolescents and teenagers but can appear for the first time in the twenties or even later. To treat acne successfully with topical creams and gels or antibiotics can be difficult, and can effect confidence and self-esteem if unsuccessful.

My Wand can Help
My Wand treats the root cause of the acne problem by targeting the bacteria which causes infection. This non-invasive

LED acne treatment is suitable for all skin types.
It can be used to treat acne on the face, neck, back and chest and is simple to use.

My Wand - Results
The bacteria in the skin is targeted with the Blue LED treatment from the My Wand and destroyed by the wave lengths of light and singlet oxygen which is produced by this process, this clears the acne and leaves you a smoother, fresher, clearer looking skin. My Wand also has a collagen replenishment application (see My Wand – Collagen) which helps reduce the risk of scaring.


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