My Wand – Red Light (Collagen)


My Wand – Red Light

Red LED is for plumping the skin. It has a recognized therapeutic action to the skin and can also help heal wounds. The Red light stimulates the body’s tissues to convert the light energy into cellular energy jump stating the collagen production. Research tells us that light therapy increases production of ATP, Adenosine Triphophate (the energy engine of cells) and the modulation of reactive oxygen. It is also known to target the water layers on elastin in your skin, reducing the appearance of facial wrinkles.

My Wand can Help
My Wand sends important red light rays into your fibroblast skin cells which increases the production of ATP Adenosine Triphophate which fuels the cell’s activities and causes the increased production of Collagen and Elastin.

My Wand – Results
The Collagen produced by My Wand plumps up the skin that has begun to sag and through this photo rejuvenation process allows the skin to appear more youthful, smoother and healthier. The light rays from My Wand are beneficial to your skin, as they contain no UV rays and help stimulate the cellular improvement to your skin.


My Wand 2014